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Our Collection for Breastmilk and Memorial jewellery makers

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Welcome to the wonderful world of creativity and cherished memories! Here at DNA Keepsake Supplies, we're all about crafting sterling silver bezel blanks and mounts just for you, the budding keepsake artist. I'm Debbie, and I've got endless experience as a keepsake artist at Sentimental Keepsake (

In this little corner of the internet, you've got the special chance to grab our amazing blanks, so you can create your priceless keepsakes for yourself or your lovely clients. Oh, and heads up, some items have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) with a longer turnaround time. But don't worry, that's just us being smart and making sure you've got enough supplies to keep your creativity flowing without any hiccups.


We know how frustrating it can be to wait for suppliers to replenish stock, especially when you have certain turnaround times on your websites and you have to explain to your client that their keepsake will be delayed. Many of you as I once did can't buy multiples of everything we have on our websites due to finances so we take the chance that our supplier has it in stock at the time of ordering, which can be risky, especially at the Christmas season (Oct, Nov, and Dec) you need to plan ahead, speaking from a great deal of experience and pain which I don't want you as a newbie to experience. 

This way if you choose a few of our wholesale items then you know you will have stock available without waiting. Charm beads are our most popular item sold at Sentimental Keepsake just for the heads up. 

We will also be doing more singular items in due course. 

Oh, and by the way, our site is still growing, so keep an eye out for new goodies popping up over the next few months. It's gonna be exciting!

We will have mica powders, molds, kits, packaging, Bello opals and much more. Hopefully your one-stop shop for everything. 

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