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Memorial ashes jewellery making

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For me learning to make memorial jewellery was my best accomplishment to date, I delved into the world of keepsake making about 8yrs ago now with no skills or qualifications in anything. I wanted to learn so I could make myself something to remember my pooch Arnie and could not afford anything on the market back then. So I decided to learn since learning I built a reputable brand Sentimental keepsake and I have not sat still since especially around Christmas time, it has grown year after year and now I am able to work from the comfort of my own home making keepsakes for people to treasure. This business is close to my heart and my customers are all so amazing, I feel fulfilled every day. You will learn the basics of resin jewellery making with precious ashes and I have also included a few little business tips to get you started. I hope you enjoy the course and thrive.

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