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10 Stunning sterling silver wing blank for resin artists making memorial or breastmilk jewellery. 

9x27mm approx

Save on buying bulk for your business. 

We will eventually be selling these in singles but we are prodominantly a bulk wholesale supplier at the moment. 

Singles will be £18.99

Why buy in multiples for your business?

Speaking as a person who has made keepsakes for many years and built a reputable keepsake business ( what I found was, I was placing my order with suppliers when a customer purchased and when items were out of stock I was having to wait up to 4 weeks for them to come back in which delayed my customers orders. It also works out more profitable to buy in MOQ as the price is reduced for multiple bases. 

Please note please allow 6-8 week production time for bulk 

10 sterling silver angel wing blank for resin

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