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Stunning sterling silver empty charm bead bezel blanks With sparkly crystal feet super cute and popular with breastmilk artists. 

It is a nice size for Pandora bracelets without being too bulky. 

Photographed showing breastmilk and ashes so you can better visualise. 

This offer is 30 MOQ which offers you a great discount on purchasing singular which is £17.99 per one charm. 

Speaking as a person who has made keepsakes for many years and built a reputable keepsake business ( what I found was, I was placing my order with suppliers when a customer purchased and when items were out of stock I had to wait up to 4 weeks for them to come back in which delayed my customer's orders. It also works out more profitable to buy in MOQ as the price is reduced for multiple bases.

Please note MOQ products have a 6-8 week turn aroud time this is for 15 charms 

15 round charm beads, bezel blank setting for resin

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