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Glass bonded memorial jewellery making kit. 


🔥 Unleash Your Creativity with Glass-Bonded Ashes Jewellery! 🔥

Step into a world of endless possibilities and seize this incredible chance to master a captivating new skill – crafting exquisite glass-bonded ashes jewellery! 🌟

🌟 Perfect for beginners, our comprehensive kit equips you with everything you need to embark on this enchanting craft. From sterling silver pendant bases to UV resin and an assortment of vibrant mica powder colours, every element is carefully selected to ensure your success.

Discover the myriad reasons why people are flocking to embrace this art form:

  • They need a new skill in the current cost of living crisis and may want a home-based business or to earn a little extra. 
  • They would like memorial jewellery but don't want to send ashes away and something made with their own hands and heart would be so meaningful and cost-effective at just £40 per pendant. You can also learn together as a family for a beautiful bonding experience. 
  • 121 phone support and advice from Debbie at DNA Supplies and Sentimental keepsake. (over 8 years of experience and several brands have now opened their own business with our help and are thriving, helping others succeed in life means more to us than anything) 
  • Free membership to our online more advanced memorial jewellery-making course. 
  • Crafting has been proven as a great therapy that helps with anxiety, stress, and depression, giving meaning and a whole new outlook, a venture to feel excited about.
  • To make something special for their loved ones, and be able to say they made it. 
  • Discounts on silver bases at DNA supplies if you decide to go into a home-based business. 
  • split the cost with family members or friends and all learn a new trade as well as a keepsake each. 

An option to go into breastmilk jewellery making if you wish is also available (I am happy to add you to that course also, doubling your skills and allowing you to grow and progress)

Some inquire why I choose to share my craft with others. For me, it transcends notions of competition or personal advancement. My journey into this trade arose from profound loss, enveloping grief, and a descent into the depths of depression. Seeking solace, I turned to crafting charm beads with fur, a respite from the turmoil within. Yet, in the act of creation, I found not just distraction but purpose—a path to navigate the darkness that engulfed me.

As I immersed myself in this newfound passion, it became a conduit for personal growth and entrepreneurial exploration. Through the intricate artistry of beadwork, I unearthed a profound transformation—from a mindset steeped in negativity to one brimming with optimism. This metamorphosis ignited within me a desire to extend this beacon of hope to others, to offer a hand along their own journeys of self-discovery and fulfilment. Hence, my pricing structure stands in stark contrast to the towering figures of corporate giants—not driven by profit margins, but by a heartfelt dedication to my craft and a genuine aspiration to facilitate joy and fulfilment in others.

My mission extends beyond the mere creation of beautiful keepsakes; it is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and community—a testament to the boundless potential within each of us to transform hardship into beauty, and darkness into light.

  • What is in the box? 
  • UV lamp (please note items may differ from the photo apart from the pendant base, this will be the same)
  • 5 sterling silver pendant bases
  • UV resin
  • glass - I shall put in extra just in case mistakes are made
  • blu tack
  • file
  • cocktail sticks
  • Mica powder colours x4
  • written instructions 
  • A video tutorial will be shared with you via WhatsApp on how to make the pendants. 
  • You will need glue which we don't supply, we recommend Araldite which you can purchase on Amazon or a hardware shop. 


Ts & CS

✅ Terms & Conditions:

  • Please refrain from sharing the video tutorial publicly.
  • Due to high demand, kindly allow 2-3 weeks for processing your starter kit.

Embrace the art of glass-bonded ashes jewellery today and unlock a world of creativity, healing, and endless possibilities! ✨ Order now and embark on your enchanting journey of self-discovery and expression. 🌟



Glass bonded memorial jewellery kit

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