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Wholesale jewellery bezels, blanks and bases for keepsake artists. Some items we sell singularly. Scroll down for keepsakes. 

🌟 Welcome, esteemed artisans of keepsakes, to an enchanting journey into the realm of cherished memories. Delight in the artistry of keepsake-making, where every creation is a testament to love and remembrance for your clients. My name is Debbie, and I stand as a beacon of trust and expertise in crafting exquisite breastmilk, ashes, and memorial keepsake jewellery.

🌿 At, I have gained a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you. My motto is there is NO COMPETITION just keepsake artists loving what they do for others. 

🛍️ At DNA Keepsake Supplies, I've envisioned a haven where fellow artisans can procure premium bases at wholesale prices by buying in bulk. Whether you seek singular items or bulk quantities, rest assured, your creative journey will flourish with our meticulously curated selection.

💎 As a seasoned artisan, I understand the significance of efficiency and quality. By investing in bulk quantities, you not only unlock substantial savings but also safeguard against delays, ensuring your customers receive their treasures promptly.

🤝 Trust in DNA keepsake supplies as your partner in preserving precious memories for your clients. Let us elevate your craft, enriching lives one keepsake at a time. Join us on this enchanting voyage, where dreams are transformed into timeless treasures and businesses thrive. We have had a number of small businesses learn with us and go on to start their own amazing businesses. 

Explore our bases 

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